Here's why we use CANS:

  • Cans chill quickly and double stack in fridges

  • Cans protect the beer from UV Light

  • Cans are 95% recyclable

  • Cans are lighter & use less packaging

  • Cans are perfect for on the lake or up the mountain


The Benefits of Cans

We use cans because they are better for the beer and the environment.  Below outlines the main reasons:


•    Cans are 95% recyclable, and they can be recycled indefinitely. For comparison glass is only 65% recyclable.

•    Cans are much lighter than bottles, requiring less fuel to transport them – A case of cans are over 35% lighter than a case of bottles & 40% smaller by volume.

•    Cans are impervious to the damaging effects of light that causes ‘light struck or skunked’ flavours.  Brown glass bottles are better than green or clear bottles, but light can still penetrate through brown glass.

•    Cans take up less space in refrigerators as they can be doubled stacked, and they’re better for coolers because they’re lighter, more compact, and they chill quicker.

•    Cans are air tight and hermetically sealed, preventing oxygen from damaging the beer. Over time, oxygen can leach into bottled beer under the cap, especially with improperly sealed caps or twist-off caps.

•    A 6-pack of cans requires less packaging material than a 6-pack of bottles.

•    Cans are easier to recycle because they crush down, making them more compact, they do not break, and they are much lighter than glass to remove once used.