Wanaka Lager

Vienna Lager 4.43%

Vienna malt provides a firm base and contributes a malty sweetness.  Pacifica hops impart bitterness to balance, and a hint of noble aromas.  Refreshing, crisp and simple, Vienna malt, and a touch of Pacifica.



'To all the skiers and the hundred dollar billas'.  We came to the conclusion Wanaka needed a Lager.  Refreshing, crisp, and simple.  It's minor, its major it's Lager Malt and it's Vienna malt.  Green Bullet Hops laced up the early in the boil, followed by a late drop of Pacifica and Wakatu.  Everyone from the 443, this goes out to you.  The ones who can't get a house, the Shook Ones, and the ones who just want a beer.

The 443 is Wanaka's phone code (back when people had land lines), and runs deep in the landscape.


Available on Tap at select outlets, in 330ml cans; individually or as a 6 pack




Beer Breakdown:

Malt:  Lager Malt, Vienna Malt

Hops:  Green Bullet, Wakatu, Pacifica, Nelson Sauvin

IBU's:  25

ABV:  4.43%

Yeast:  S-33


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