Secret Garden IPA

Central Otago IPA 6.8%

'If you look the right way, the whole world is a garden.'

NZ Wai-iti, Kohatu & US Centennial provide a floral & citrus profile which blends perfectly with the Wine & Ale yeast. The smooth bitterness is balanced with a pale malt base which builds to showcase this hop and yeast combination.

This produces a truly Central Otago IPA. From the terraces to the mountain ranges covered in snow; it's

'A World of Difference'.


Available on Tap and in 500ml bottles at select outlets.


Beer Breakdown:

Malt:  Light Lager, American Ale, Vienna, Aurora, Light Crystal

Hops:  Motueka, Kohatu, and Wa-iti

IBU's:  44

ABV:  6.8%

Yeast:  Safale S-05 and Lalvin 71B-1122


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