Double Drop IIPA

Our 2018 Central Otago IPA for GABS Festival in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.


Rolling over a double drop can be one of the more intense things in a days riding. But when the opportunity presents, he who hesitates is lost. A clean malt base lets this double drop of NZ & German hops shine, and a double drop of wine & ale yeasts provides a unique ferment to roll it all out. Expect berry, citrus and tropical fruit flavours.



Available first at GABS and then on Tap and in 500ml bottles at select outlets.



B.Effect Double Drop IIPA.png

Beer Breakdown:

Malt:  Light Lager, American Ale, Supernova, and Light Crystal

Hops:  Pacific Jade, Mandarina Bavaria, Huel Mellon, Ariana, Simco

IBU's:  61

ABV:  8.2%

Yeast:  Citrus and Lalvin 71B-1122


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