Bullshit Bingo IPA

Central Otago IPA 6.0%

Bullshit Bingo is a game you play using corporate jargon. Our Creative Director combined wine yeast & ale yeast. Transformative red & amber malts provide a full malt body which combines with Rakau, Southern Cross & Waimea Hops to facilitate a velvety soft step change. At the end of the day it depends on where your coming from.


Available on Tap and 500ml bottles at select outlets



Beer Breakdown:

Malt:  American Ale, Vienna, Aurora, & Red Back

Hops:  Rakau, Southern Cross, and Waimea

IBU's:  50

ABV:  6.0%

Yeast:  Safale S-05 and Lalvin 71B-1122


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